The Madame’s Larder is a Non-Profit Organization whose Mission is to promote the use of Local resources in the homes by supporting Local Farms and small Artisanal Food Businesses.

Primary services include HomeCooking Lessons held at our professional kitchen. In each session, we plan the Dinner Menu based on the week’s harvest. We prep and cook together. Eat dinner and talk story about what we created. There are rarely any recipes, instead you learn cooking methods and ingredient concepts and so that you gain confidence and be more adaptable in the kitchen.

Each session is limited to a party of 2-3 people. Dishes may include a main dish, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. Every week will be different based on the local harvest and we hope you find it exciting!

Other Services include The Soup & Toast Kitchen on Wednesdays, providing healthy, made from scratch with local grown produce Lunches at a very affordable price. You can now preorder your Soups and Toast online! Or feel free to Pay it Forward! (Donations are welcome always. Thank you!)

Future projects include a Community Garden Project, Local Artisanal Food Hub, Food and Larder Prep, as well as Culinary Consulting.

Mahalo for your support!