The Madame’s Larder is a Non-Profit Organization* whose Mission is to promote the use of Local resources in the homes by supporting Local Farms and small Artisanal Food Businesses.

Primary services include preparation of Mise en Place (Cooking Components) for efficient and easy home cooking using the week’s harvest from numerous local farms. Similar to CSA Produce Boxes, wherein the food products vary weekly. However the ingredients are prepared for convenience to be readily cooked at home. We like to feature an artisanal food business to introduce you to some amazing local food products that often don’t make it on the shelves of a typical grocery store, as well as collaborating with other chefs and other small local businesses. The Madame’s Larder is also a hub for information on how to improve home cooking, food education, how to reduce food waste, and information about our local bounty.

Consulting and Cooking Concept Classes are also coming soon.

Every week, we prepare different dishes for you to cook at home. We call this the Larder Dinner Solutions — a way to solve the typical dilemma of what to do with the week’s harvest. While most of the components are ready to cook, we also allow the home cook plenty of room for creativity by mixing and matching components as they please. There are no recipes, instead we hope that you learn methods of cooking through the cooking guide and find your own creativity in the kitchen. We think that this is what sets us apart from other dinner kits available today — YOU cook!

Each Bag of Larder Solutions will be enough for a multi-course meal for 2 people. It may include a main dish, appetizers, side dishes and desserts. Every week will be different based on the local harvest and we hope you find it exciting!

PRICING: We are offering these services at an introductory price of $45.

Please contact us if you’re interested or for further inquiries.

Mahalo for supporting Local Farmers and Artisanal Food Crafters.


*paperwork in progress