Donut Dynamite!

gourmet brioche donutsWhen you think of Hawaii, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The ocean? Palm trees? Rolling waves crashing against the shoreline as dolphins frolic in the surf on a sunny day. We can’t forget about one of our favorite things either: donuts! Whether it’s for breakfast with coffee, an afternoon snack break, or dinner dessert, there is no shortage of delicious options here on Maui. Of course, we could make all your old favorites but we specialize in innovating new flavors made from scratch using fresh ingredients found right here on the island of Maui. So next time you’re visiting our beautiful island home, make sure to stop by Donut Dynamite.

What’s the story behind our bakery? We love donuts and we were looking for a way to share our favorite pastime with others. With years of experience working in the culinary arts, it seemed like the perfect fit! So with that said, we opened up Donut Dynamite on Maui at which point all those delicious flavors you know and love became available to everyone else too.

Made with aloha, our handcrafted artisanal brioche donuts are one-of-a-kind. Each donut is freshly prepared with love and care to offer you some of the best tasting donuts on the planet! (We hope you agree!)

Through the humble donut, it is our mission to make gourmet flavors accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We just really love donuts!!!


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